The first ChemEd — 1973

Although the conference now incorporates new technology and teaching methods to prepare students for real-world chemistry, the original conference goals have stayed consistent for 50 years — this is our 50th anniversary! (except we no longer are just referring to attendees as “he”)

a snapshot of the 1973 ChemEd 1973 conference manual with program objectives
Leonard Sibley in a black and white photo using strips of conference badges as a cape
Leonard Sibley, the first ChemEd chair covered with strips of conference badges. There was over 400 attendees in 1973 at the University of Waterloo ON.

General objectives for the conference, as listed in ChemEd 73 conference manual

  • To have total involvement of all participants and establish communication, not only in a group, but also on a one-to-one basis, which will carry on during and after the conference.
  • To gain new ideas in chemistry methodology, resulting in an improvement in chemistry teaching.
  • These ideas are to be obtained by communication, both verbal and written, throughout the conference.

To help attain this objective the participant should:

  • participate in all sessions verbally; read and look at other chemistry courses;
  • carry on discussion on the topics they are interested in, during and after the sessions;
  • bring along and take home pages of printed ideas; we are here to help one another by exchange.
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