Tuesday, July 25 – Afternoon

Session Schedule (Tues – PM)


General seating capacities (Cap) of each room are listed under the room locations. Please note that some sessions may have specific maximum capacities or additional requirements (e.g., laptops or mobile devices). If applicable, this information will be stated in the session details.

All lab sessions (LAB) require closed-toe shoes. To download a PDF copy of the schedule, please click the “Print/PDF” button at the bottom of the page.

SSC – Science Complex; MACN – MacNaughton

2:30 - 3:15 PM
3:30 - 4:15 PM
4:30 - 5:15 PM
SSC 1303
(Cap: 35)
Chemical inquiry: Let’s master equilibrium!
Greg Dodd
George Washington High School (retired), WV

Using written reflections in AP Chemistry
Amy Roediger, Tom Hogan
Mentor High School, OH
SSC 1304
(Cap: 42)
Chemical reactions 5e style!
Robyn Ford
Bridgeport High School, TX


No session

No session
SSC 1305
(Cap: 32)
Lessons learned through COVID
that made my classroom more inclusive

Caleb Evans
Columbus State Community College, OH
Student mental health matters and so does yours!
Caleb Evans
Columbus State Community College, OH
Evidence-Based Pedagogy and Equity
Christian Glandorf
New Mexico State University, NM
(4:30 – 4:45 PM)

Metacognitive Awareness in General Chemistry
Desiree Starzyk, Priscilla Burrow
University of Colorado, CO
(5:00 – 5:15 PM)
SSC 1306
(Cap: 42)
What’s Going On In This Graph?
Cultivating Wonder and Observation in Data

Katy Dornbos
Norris High School, NE
Introduce Atomic Energy Levels Using Ionization Energies
John Eix
Upper Canada College – Retired, ON
SSC 1504
(Cap: 28)

Session starts at 2:30 PM
I know about active learning but how do I actually do it in the classroom?
Scott Donnelly
Arizona Western College, AZ

SSC 2315
(Cap: 40)
Bridging the Gap between Secondary
and Higher Education Chemistry Instruction

Ariel Serkin
Cambridge Rindge &
Latin School, MA
Supporting and learning from chemistry
teachers new to a school

Christopher Koutros, Drew Doulette
Oliver Ames High School, MA
1st Year of ChemClub
Dorothy Holley
West Johnston High School, NC
(4:30 – 4:45 PM)

So you want to start a local chemistry teachers group?
Melanie Shedd, Eric Knispel
Principia School, MO
(5:00 – 5:15 PM)
SSC 2102
(Cap: 24)
Five Favorite Phase Change Demos
Eric Knispel
John Burroughs School, MO

No session

No session
SSC 2103
(Cap: 24)

Session starts at 2:30 PM
Gas stations: Pull up to the pump to learn hands-on & visual demos to discover gas laws
Jeffrey Kallen
Lane Tech College Prep High School, IL
SSC 2104
(Cap: 24)
Arts-Integrated Chemistry: Activities for the High School Curriculum
Joan Esson, Amy Pochodylo, Paul Wendel
Otterbein University, OH
SSC 2108
(Cap: 24)

Session starts at 2:30 PM
Electrochemistry─a Question of Potential
Dr. Regina Rüffler, Dr. Georg Job
Job Foundation, University of Hamburg, Germany

No session
SSC 2109
(Cap: 24)

Session starts at 2:30 PM
Building a kinetics unit plan using American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) resources
Jeramy DeBry
American Association of Chemistry Teachers, DC
SSC 2313
(Cap: 60)
Chemistry to Dye For (natural dyes indigo and cochineal)
Sara Hubbard, Annelise Gorensek-Benitez
Ouachita Baptist University, AR

MACN 113
(Cap: 148)
Indigenous Perspectives Chemistry Symposium (All Day)

Perspectives of Inuit-Contextualizing Chemistry to non-Inuit Students
Erica Taylor, Thornhill Secondary School, ON (2:30 - 3:15 PM)

Chemical Connections: Aligning Indigenous Voices and STEM
Noreen Demeria, Actua Manager of Indigenous STEM Outreach and Abbey Ramdeo, Actua, Specialist, Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Education (3:30 - 5:00 PM)

MACN 105
(Cap: 282)
ChemEd X Demos Symposium (Repeated from Morning)

Introduction (2:30 PM – 2:35 PM)

Combustion Bottle Rockets
Karen Sorensen & Ashley Green, Indianola High School, IA and Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, NJ (2:35 – 2:50 PM)

Elmer’s Glue: Not just for making slime
Josh Kenney, Early College Alliance, Eastern Michigan University, MI (2:50 – 3:05 PM)

Mom to the Rescue
Linda Cummings, University of Colorado, CO (3:05 – 3:20 PM)

Break (3:20 – 3:30 PM)

Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Catalysts
Amiee Modic (3:30 – 3:45 PM)

Capstone demonstration to the Chemical Reactions unit
Michael Jansen, Retired (ON) and ChemEdX, MI (3:45 – 4:00 PM)

Stop, Go and Boom
Michael Farabaugh, Albemarle High School, VA (4:00 – 4:15 PM)

Break (4:15 – 4:25 PM)

Wax Fireball
Yvonne Clifford, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School, ON (4:25 – 4:40 PM)

Demos for the Classroom
Tom Kuntzleman, Spring Arbor University and ChemEdX, MI (4:40 – 5:15 PM)

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