Best of ChemEd 2021

Reflecting on our past: In the summer of 2021, we had over 1,000 educators from 54 countries join us at a free three-day virtual event hosted by AACT. Together ChemEd 2023 and 2025 committees organized the “Best of ChemEd” symposium. Nineteen educators presented along with online social events that highlighted what ChemEd is all about – a community of chemistry teachers sharing ideas, resources, and successes. Sessions were recorded and posted on the AACT website for their members. Read about our summer sessions, their descriptions, and presenters along with our social events and sponsors!

Best of ChemEd by the numbers:

  • Overall unique attendees for over 3 days: 1007
  • Number of countries represented: 54
  • Number of days: 3
  • Tuesday attendance: 664
  • Wednesday attendance: 508
  • Thursday attendance: 653
  • Number of 2021 presenters: 18
  • Number of door prizes awarded in 2021: 86
  • Number of years of ChemEd in 2021: 48
  • Number of ChemEds: 26
a map of 54 countries - all continents presented
Educators from 54 countries signed up to attend the Best of ChemEd 2021

Best of ChemEd Conference Committee


Description of presentations

Wednesday: George R Hague Jr AP Chemistry Symposium

Best of ChemEd social and sponsors

FAQ for virtual conference

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