Best of ChemEd 2021 Social Events

We had door prizes for every event! And everyone won the prize of “being part of a community of chemical educators who share”! Thanks to all our sponsors for donating gift certificates!

We have contacted the door prize winners but if you are too curious —

women explaining a concept at a chemistry lab bench to two others

Zoom chats with presenters

After each day of sessions, attendees joined us for social hour! On Tuesday and Thursday joined the presenters in breakout rooms to ask questions and have an informal chat.

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Mole Day Run/Mole Stroll

Thursday, July 29 starting at 6:02 am in your local time zone. We had attendees signed up and emailed them their bib and enter their name into a draw for some great prizes (TBA) that chemistry teachers will love! You didn not have to attend the conference to join chemistry educators worldwide in waking up to walk or run 6.02 km!!

Genius Lab Gear
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Share a teaching tip or chemistry advice

This was your chance to be part of the ChemEd community of sharing. Participants (as well as presenters) were asked to introduce themselves on FlipGrid and then give their best tip for teaching chemistry! See what is posted and add your thoughts. This is also your chance to check out how to use FlipGrid — a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience! Anyone can simply record a video!

Daily Twitter Themes

Tweet to our daily themes with #BestOfChemEd
Avogadro headshot with #BestofChemEd and #SelfiewithAvo

Tuesday, July 27 Themes

  • Nerdy Accessory/Mask Post
  • Oldest Chemistry Relic
  • Selfie with Avo*

Women in a lab coat with a large mole painted on the back

Wednesday, July 28 Themes

  • Mole Breakfast!
  • Lab Coat
  • Favorite Molecule

Ariel Serkin and Amy Snyder with ion t-shirts

Thursday, July 29 Themes

  • Mole Run!
  • Nerdy T-Shirt
  • Throwback Picture of you and Chemistry!

*if you need a pdf of Avo, email us and we will email you the pdf so you can print your own life-size Avo — or just print off his handsome face on your printer.

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