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High school and introductory chemistry educators

Join us at ChemEd 2023, a teaching and learning conference where you will participate in hands-on workshops, presentations and demonstrations, listen to keynote speakers share their valuable insights and share teaching practices and strategies for improving the quality of education in the classroom.

If you are a preservice teacher, please contact Jean Hein.  You will be asked to fill in a form with your name, email, teachers college, your professor of chemical education and their contact email.  We will verify your information as needed.  Then you will be provided with a special Pre-service Code. This code will give you 50% off rate. 

Consider attending if you are:

  • a high school chemistry and science teacher
  • a college chemistry teacher
  • an AP Chemistry or IB Chemistry teacher
  • a pre-service teacher
  • a university or college chemistry professor or lecturer
  • a teaching assistant, graduate and undergraduate student
  • a laboratory demonstrator
  • a science/chemistry instructional and curriculum designer/developer
  • an educational developer
  • just interested in chemical education
A women explaining a concept to another women in a lab setting, both wearing colourful goggles
Penney Sconzo presenting iron extraction activity at ChemEd 2013
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