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Frequently Asked Questions

Photos above are from some of the Best of ChemEd presenters
(Doug Ragan, Michael Jansen, Alfredo Mateus, Bob Worley and Andres Tretiakov)

What are the registration fees for ChemEd 2023?
Full conference fees were CAD $420 early bird registration. (On November 1, 2022, CAD $420 was approximately $308 USD.) Here is the breakdown of conference fees

How do I get to the University of Guelph?
Click here for directions to the University of Guelph.

Will ChemEd provide proof of attendance to be used towards Professional Development?
We will provide a certificate of professional development and will be working with teachers to provide appropriate documentation.

Where will ChemEd 2023 and ChemEd 2025 be hosted? 
ChemEd 2023 will be hosted by the University of Guelph, Ontario Canada. 

ChemEd 2025 will be hosted by The Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Can I volunteer to help? 
Yes please! We will need help with social events. When you sign up for email updates, make sure you indicate you are willing to volunteer.  

I still have a question, who can I contact?
Please reach out to us. See our contact page.

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