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Be a presenter

Submission of new proposals for presentations at ChemEd 2023 is now closed. We have received over 160 submissions!

If you did not submit a proposal for a presentation this year, not to worry – you can still present at ChemEd in future years! Please read below for more details and answers to frequently asked questions about the process of presenting:

Share in a welcoming and encouraging environment

Chemistry teachers are busy! To survive we need to share and work together. ChemEd is a community of educators coming together to learn from each other. Many teachers say they do not have anything “new” to present but when they reflect they realize that they have been trying new ideas and modifying old methods to engage their students. Stop and think about what advice you would give to a new teacher — then consider presenting.

People often ask “What should I present?” We encourage you to present your passion! What do you do in your classroom that you’re proud of? Most ChemEd attendees love presentations that are hands-on, make ‘n takes, relate to the curriculum, and how you personally implement your pedagogy. Most appreciated presentations are ideas readily implemented in the classroom. And you don’t have to do it alone! Consider grabbing a colleague to present with you! What better way to #PayItForward! 

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Sharing ideas is the key to the success of a ChemEd
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