Make and Takes

When: Sunday, July 23, 12:00 to 3:30 pm
Where: Thornbrough Building (Registration)

To welcome attendees during the first day of registration, our Make and Take organizers have prepared several fun and educational Make and Takes, including a Mini Mass Spec, Making a Mole, and Food Chemistry kits! Supplies are limited but attendees can access additional resources with instructions using this link:

Click here for resources! (More resources to come, so check back after the conference!)

Want to learn more about making moles? Read about the Mole and Element Project below!

Mole and Element Project

This project is great for students learning about the mole for the first time. I have used it in my SCH3UI and SCH4CI courses in Ontario since 2012. Students research an element and create a stuffed mole from felt. They choose a theme for the mole based on the facts they have gathered about the element. The mole must display how the element relates to it in four ways. A poster/infographic is also created. Sources are listed in APA format. An element worksheet, instructions, and a rubric are provided for the project. Click here for resources!

Tanja McCutchon, Ecole John Diefenbaker Senior School, Bluewater District School Board, ON, Canada,

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