Schedule for Best of ChemEd 2021

Below was the schedule and links to full session descriptions. Winners of door prizes announced on Twitter.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 (Descriptions)

What is a ChemEd?
ChemEd 2023 and In Memoriam
12:20The Microscale Agenda: Up Close and Personal
Andres Tretiakov & Bob Worley, United Kingdom
12:40Using Modeling Instruction to create an
equitable chemistry classroom
Ariel Serkin, Massachusetts
1:00Making Chemistry Visible with Magnets
Doug Ragan, Michigan
1:40Kinesthetic Chemistry for All
Catherine Zavacki and Anjana Iyer, New Jersey
2:00My Chemistry Education Research Group
Michael P Jansen, Ontario
2:20My PET demonstrations –
make a bottle, carve a can and more
Alfredo Luis Mateus, Brazil
2:40Engaging students and supporting
learning with PhET simulations
Kathy Perkins, Colorado
3:15Zoom Breakout Rooms for Q & A with presenters and ChemEd 2023

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 (Descriptions)

12:00George R Hague Jr AP Chemistry Symposium
Paul A. Bonvallet, Chief Reader AP Chemistry Exam, Ohio
Kyle A. Beran, Chief Reader Designate AP Chemistry Exam, Texas
2:002021 AP Chemistry Exam Questions and Answers

Thursday, July 29, 2021 (Descriptions)

What’s happening in the ChemEd community?
ChemEd 2025, BCCE 2022, ChemEdX and AACT
12:20Smartphone Spectroscopy
John O’Donoghue, Ireland
12:40Flip the Script on Flipped Classroom
Kristen Drury, New York
1:00Covid forced me to get creative with my course
assessments, and it actually worked!
Kate Stuttaford, Ontario
1:40The introduction of gamification in the chemistry classroom
Nikita Burrows, New Jersey
2:00Beyond Bohr: replacing the Bohr atomic model
Binyomin Abrams, Massachusetts
2:20Implementing Claim, Evidence and
Reasoning (CER) in your classroom
Anne Schmidt, Wisconsin
2:40Fun and Games with
Steve Sogo, California
3:15Zoom Breakout Rooms for Q & A
with presenters and BCCE 2022

Snapshot of entire schedule - a repeat of above information

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