Best of ChemEd committee

The Best of ChemEd committee is comprised of ChemEd 2023 and ChemEd 2025 members. Leading this virtual adventure is Jean Hein (ChemEd 2023 – Guelph), Linda Cummings (ChemEd 2025 – Colorado) and Adam Boyd (American Association of Chemistry Teachers).
The Best of ChemEd Social Committee is Doug Ragan, Amy Snyder and Johanna Brown.

Top row: Ryan Johnson, Avo, Linda Cummings (co-chairs, ChemEd 2025); John O’Donoghue (Session presenter), Greta Glugoski (ChemEd 2025), Bonnie Lasby & Jean Hein (co-chairs ChemEd 2023), Ryan Johnson
2nd row: group photo, Charlene Winchcombe-Forhan, Jean Hein, Bonnie Lasby, Avo and Kate Stuttaford (ChemEd 2023 committee); top 2nd row: Doug Ragan (Social Committee and presenter); Bottom 2nd row: Adam Boyd

3rd row: Amy Snyder (Best of ChemEd Social Committee) and Bonnie Lasby; Johanna Brown (Best of ChemEd Social Committee)

Bottom row: Ariel Serkin (session presenter) and Amy Snyder, Linda Cummings, Amy Snyder, Jean Hein , Avo and Anne Schmidt

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