ChemEd 2023 Proposal Form 

Updated on November 8, 2022:

We are ready to begin receiving ChemEd 2023 proposals.

Please read the instructions below to help prepare the necessary information for the submission form.

*Note: On Friday, January 13, we received a couple of messages about difficulties submitting proposals. Please try submitting your proposal using Chrome web-browser, that may solve your difficulties.

Safety guidelines are included in these instructions. Please review. These guidelines are the NSTA Minimum Safety Practices and Regulations for Presenters, Workshop Leaders, Exhibitors, and Advertisers.

Step 1: Contact information

  1. Enter your First Name. 
  2. Enter your Last Name.
  3. Enter your Institution/Affiliation
  4. Enter your Province/State of residence. 
  5. Enter your Country of residence. 
  6. Enter your Email Address
  7. Enter your preferred Phone Number. For international numbers, please include all necessary country and area codes (e.g. +1-123-456-7890). 

When finished, click Next

Step 2: Proposed session

  1. Enter the Proposed Session Title (maximum 100 characters).
  2. Capitalize only the first letter of the title, any proper nouns or acronyms, and the first word following a colon (if applicable). The title should be entered in sentence case. Do NOT begin titles with “The”, “A” or “And”. These will be removed from the program.
  3. Provide a Short Description of the Session of about 30 words or less (maximum 200 characters). This information will appear on the program together with the session title.
  4. Select “Yes” or “No” for Is this your first time presenting at a ChemEd Conference?

When finished, click Next

Step 3: Symposium information

  1. Select “Yes” or “No” for Will this session be a part of a Proposed Symposium?
  2. If you select “Yes”, you will be prompted to indicate the following information:
  3. Symposium Title
  4. Symposium Organizer Contact Information (First Name, Last Name, and Email Address)
  5. If you select “No”, proceed to the next question.

When finished, click Next

Step 4: Co-presenter information

  1. Select “Yes” or “No” for Is there a co-presenter on this session? 
  2. If you select “Yes”, you will be prompted to indicate the First and Last Name(s) of the co-presenters. You may list the names of up to three co-presenters that will appear on the program along with your name as the main presenter. 
  3. Please note that all communications will be directed to the main presenter only.
  4. If you select “No”, proceed to the next question. 

When finished, click Next

Step 5: Proposed session information

  1. Select the Proposed session time slot by clicking the type of session and time that best suits your proposed session.
    Time slots available:

    15 minutes
    45 minutes
    105 minutes

    45 minutes
    105 minutes
    165 minutes

    Exhibitor workshop
    45 minutes
    105 minutes
  2. Select an option for Scheduling Multiple Sessions. The purpose of this field is to determine if you are interested in presenting your proposed session twice to allow attendees more chances to participate in each session. 
    Options available: 
    Yes – both sessions presented on the same day
    Yes – each session presented on different days 
  3. Select the Focus of the Proposed Session by clicking on the category that best describes the focus of your proposed session.

    Categories available:

    Laboratory Activities
    Classroom Activities
    Technology and Media
    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  4. Provide a Detailed Description of the Proposed Session (maximum 500 characters). This information will not appear on the program but will be used by the conference committee to evaluate each proposal for inclusion in the conference. Point form is accepted.
  5. Select the Room Requirements for the proposed session. Please be as detailed as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

    IMPORTANT: In-person demonstrations and workshops involving chemicals will ONLY be allowed in laboratory spaces. All proposals involving in-person demonstrations and chemicals will need to be approved by the Chemistry Safety Committee. For safety purposes, please indicate any laboratory equipment and chemicals you require for your session. If approved by the committee, you will be contacted at a later date to confirm any required equipment and order chemicals with specific amounts.

    Type of Room
    (Select only ONE option):
    Lecture Hall (fixed seating, projector, document camera)
    Classroom (movable tables/chairs, whiteboards, projector)
    Laboratory Space

    Laboratory Equipment (Select all that apply):
    Fume Hood
    Analytical balance
    Top loading balance
    Glassware (Please specify types of glassware)

    Water (Select all that apply):
    Tap water (for experiment use)
    Tap water (for washing hands)
    Deionized water (for experiment use)

    Chemicals and Other
    (Provide any additional requirements)
  6. Indicate the Set-up Time required for your proposed session by selecting “Yes” or “No”. If you require more than 15 minutes set up your session, select “Yes” and indicate the amount of time you require. If 15 minutes is enough time to set up your session, select “No” and proceed to the next question.
  7. Indicate if your session requires a Maximum number of participants by selecting “Yes” or “No”. If you select “Yes”, indicate the maximum number of participants that can be accommodated in your session. If you select “No”, proceed to the next question.

When finished, click Next

Step 6: Safety guidelines

  1. Please read the Safety Guidelines. These guidelines are the NSTA Minimum Safety Practices and Regulations for Presenters, Workshop Leaders, Exhibitors, and Advertisers.
  2. Indicate any Potential Safety Hazards that may be associated with your session. Enter N/A if this does not apply to your presentation.
  3. Indicate any Safety Precautions Required that may be taken during the presentation to address the hazards and inform the audience. Enter N/A if this does not apply to your presentation.
  4. Indicate any Safety Equipment that may be required to safely facilitate your session. Please note that all laboratory spaces are equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, safety shower, and eye wash station. Enter N/A if this does not apply to your presentation.
  5. Complete the Confirmation of Agreement to Comply with Safety Guidelines by clicking “I agree”. By selecting “I agree”, you indicate that you have read and saved a copy of the minimum Safety Guidelines for Presenters, and agree to comply with the guidelines during your presentation.

When finished, click Next.

Step 7: Additional information and submissions

  1. Please indicate any additional comments in the space below.
  2. If you would like to make any changes to your responses on this form, please use the “Previous” button to navigate through each section.
  3. When you are finished, please click the “Submit” button on this page.

NOTE: If you close the form before submitting, your responses may NOT be saved. Once you have reviewed and completed your responses, make sure to click “Submit” to ensure that we receive your proposal submission.

After you submit, you will be able to download a summary of your proposal submission as a PDF.  Thank you for submitting a proposal for ChemEd 2023! 

  * ChemEd reserves the right to cancel sessions that do not have presenters registered for the conference by the deadline 

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