Steve Spangler

Demonstrations Guaranteed to Get Ooohs & Ahhhss – A Tribute to Irwin Talesnick

Steve Spangler returns to ChemEd 2023 with more of his favorite demonstrations guaranteed to get ooohs & ahhhs (a title that Irwin Talesnick wrote for his plenary lecture at ChemEd’99).  Steve’s recent work in science education focuses on the power of creating student-centered experiences through purpose-driven engagement. In other words, you’ll see demos that fizz, pop, smoke, erupt, change color, and cause students to lean in and want to learn more. As a special tribute to his dear friend, Steve will share a few of Irwin Talesnick’s favorite demos, stories, and experiences that inspire us all to celebrate Irwin’s passion for the the joy of teaching. Come to laugh a little and learn a lot.

About @SteveSpangler

With 1,800 television appearances to his credit, Steve Spangler is a two-time Emmy Award winner, television personality, bestselling author and STEM educator who finds the most creative ways to make learning fun. His popular science videos on social media have over 1 billion views, and his frequent guest appearances on the Ellen Show (27 in total) earned him the title of “America’s Science Teacher” or the teacher you always wanted to have in school because the fire department shows up twice a year.

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